September 14-15 2pm-8pm ART


We connect publishers and investors from all over the world with studios that develop videogames and companies that offer services from Argentina and Latin America.

September 15-16 2pm-8pm ART

EVA Play

You will be able to play more than 100 argentine and Latam games made during this last year. Come and meet the producers/developers, give them feedback, and vote for your favorite game.

September 13 2pm-8pm ART


Do you want to work making video games? Soon you will be able to complete your profile to present yourself to industry employers.

Conferences EVA 2023

The conferences will take place on Thursday 14, Friday 15 and Saturday 16 September from 2 pm to 8 pm. They will be completely open and free of charge.

Arrive early, space in the rooms is limited!

We will count with the participation of Argentine and international speakers who will share the latest news about programming, art, industry, business, music, script and design. The full line up will be announced shortly.


Asset 14
Alessandro Biollo
"¿Cómo puedes impulsar la comercialización de tu videojuego?"

Únete a Alessandro Biollo de Xsolla en la discusión sobre cómo mejorar la comercialización de tu videojuego y el proceso de convertir un videojuego en un producto rentable. Alessandro, compartirá las mejores prácticas para recorrer las múltiples etapas de la comercialización, incluyendo la financiación, el desarrollo, el marketing, la distribución y las ventas, para guiarte en el camino para financiar proyectos futuros y obtener más ingresos para tu videojuego.


15/9 15:15


Sala Argentina
Luis María Dumont
"Workflows next-gen en producción de personajes para juegos AAA"

Conoce nuestra experiencia desarrollando workflows next-gen en producción de personajes principales para juegos AAA como Mortal Kombat 1, Gotham Knights, Hogwarts Legacy entre otros! Vamos a compartir nuestras mejores prácticas en producción de arte a escala, y los procesos fundamentales en etapas como Low, High y Texturas que resultan en personajes de alto calibre!


15/9 17:45


Sala Argentina
Luis Villegas
"La evolución de Bungie"

Bungie empezó como un grupo de amigos en Chicago que querían hacer un videojuego. Hoy es uno de los estudios más grandes de la Industria de Juegos. En esta charla Luis explica cómo evolucionó Bungie, los éxitos y las lecciones aprendidas, como el sueño de hacer videojuegos se puede convertir en una realidad para los estudios independientes


15/9 16:30


Sala Federal
Hernan Basso
"Haciendo mi primer proyecto con UEFN"

Aquí veremos cómo comenzar a trabajar con UEFN desde cero, viendo las principales características de todo lo que podemos llegar a hacer en Fortnite con las herramientas y el poder de Unreal Engine.


16/9 15:45


Sala Argentina
Joshua Sawyer
"Developing with Small Teams"

Developing games with a small team presents unique opportunities and challenges, from high day to day flexibility and ease of communication to the difficulties of covering every role on a project. This talk will use Obsidian Entertainment’s Pentiment as a case study in developing with a remote team of thirteen developers. It will explore successes and failures and how the team’s practices can (and cannot) be transferred into larger scale projects.


16/9 17:20


Sala Argentina
Jónas Antonsson
"Big fishes in small ponds"

I’ve been building game companies and industry organizations for well over two decades. And I come from a microscopic nation that sits smack in the middle of nowhere - Iceland. So let’s talk about what it takes to not just enter an industry that has its power center elsewhere, but what it takes to slowly but surely start to dominate it.


16/9 14:30


Sala Argentina

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EVA 2023

Argentina's Video Game Expo (EVA) was the first in the LATAM region to be dedicated to video game development and this year is its 21th anniversary. Why EVA 2023?
- B2B Networking Sessions
- Talks, Panels and Workshops
- Job Fair
- LATAM Games Festival 2023 on Steam
Come celebrate the 21 years of Argentina's gaming industry at EVA 2023 from September 13 to 16th in Buenos Aires, Argentina. EVA is organized by ADVA, Argentina's Game Developers Association.

For more information about ADVA, please visit:




EVA stands for Exposición de Videojuegos Argentina [Argentina’s Video Game Expo]. Since 2003, Argentina’s Game Developers Association (ADVA) organizes the EVA in an uninterrupted manner. EVA is a space for meeting, discussions, training and business development. EVA was the first event in the LATAM region to be dedicated to video game development and this year is its 20th anniversary. It is the most important event in the local scene for video game development industry and grows year after year in public, guests and sponsors. Every year, thousands of professionals and students attend the Expo.

The 21th edition of EVA will take place in Centro Cultural Kirchner (CCK) located in Buenos Aires City, Argentina, on September 13-16.

For this edition, access to most activities will be open and free. The only section that has a registration fee is the Business Rounds aimed at companies and professionals in the sector. Registrations for EVA 2023 Business Rounds, please click HERE

. Aimed for the local industry the PORTFOLIO DAY has the mission to link businesses, producers, workers, and the academic sphere to give talented young people work options in the video game industry. 
. If you are a publisher or investor interested in connecting and doing business with video game development companies and service providers operating in Argentina and the LatAm region, you will need to reserve a spot in the EVA 2023 B2B. Registration is open HERE. The ticket will give you access to:

– IN-PERSON BUSINESS ROUNDS: September 15-16 in Buenos Aires, Argentina

– Access to matchmaking app to arrange in-person meetings

. EVA PLAY 2023 is the heart of EVA, and this year it beats stronger than ever with +100 games! A selection of the best games from Argentina and Latin America, both in development and published during the last year. Visitors will be able to play them, give their feedback to the developers and vote for your favorite game.

. If you are searching for content to learn and improve your video games, you must visit our CONFERENCES, PANELS AND WORKSHOPS on September 14, 16 & 16 in Centro Cultural Kirchner (Buenos Aires, Argentina). A series of talks, expositions, and workshops specifically designed for EVA 2023. We are preparing an incredible line up for this edition!

. EVA AWARDS 2023 are the industry awards for the best Argentinian & international developments of the past year. There are many award categories: Art, Audio, Design, Original Idea, Mi Primer Videojuego Publicado [My First Published Video Game], Mobile, People’s Choice Award, Press Award and Best Game EVA PLAY 2023.

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